Learn-by-doing through one of our week long workshops to build your own home with Diane.

Or become a Hands-On Instructor through our month long Train-the-Trainer program.

"Cobbing is a process best described as mud daubing. Earth, sand and straw are mixed together and massaged onto the foundation, creating thick load-bearing walls. It's like hand-sculpting a giant pot to live in."

Becky Bee - The Cob Builders Handbook

​​Disputanta Cob is a group of locals who promote and teach natural building. We build with lime mortars and plasters, with cob, other earthen materials, and salvaged items.

Located in the gorgeous foothills of Central KY where spring water is plentiful, land is reasonably priced, and few building restrictions, the setting is perfect for natural building. A great place to learn how to build a cob cottage by taking a cob workshop. 

Diane Jennings

Lead Cob Instructor

Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. As we are a building school and have multiple projects at different stages of the building process, we are able to offer so much in such a short period of time.

2. Similar to a cooking show, we start a new wall learning foundation, as well as mixing and building with cob. 

3. Moving on to structures further along allows us to experience plastering, sculpting, natural paints, and installing an earthen floor.

Cob Buildings Onsite 

Cob Garden Cottage

  • Geo-Thermal Solar AC
  • Built-in Cob Furniture
  • 2nd Story Timberframe   

Cob Guest Cottage

  • Wired for DC
  • Small Solar System
  • Lime and Earthen Plasters

​In Progress

  • 18th Century Kitchen
  • Cob Bath House
  • Cob Mud Room
  • Cob Gazebo

~ Over 20 years adult-training & instructional design experience​

~ Over 10 years experience cob building & leading workshops