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A rain barrel and gutters are set up for water catchment from the metal roof, which is insulated with 5 1/2" of rock wool. There is also a well on the property and a cistern at the highest point on the property. Water lines need to be run.

The interior is wired for solar lighting and outlets that use cell phone chargers for cars, along with a 40 watt solar system.

Back of Bath House

​Mermaid is about 15 feet long

Back of Main Living Space

​Dragon is about 20 feet long

The main living space is wired for ac power. It is also wired for solar, and comes with a 100 watt solar system. There is an LP gas tank behind the building for a ventless gas, mounted space heater, an on-demand water heater, and a gas stove/oven. The 2nd story is also equipped with a ventless gas heater. 

There is a built-in c shaped couch with an embedded wood burning stove. The cob couch absorbs the heat from the fire and radiates it back into the room as an excellent source of heat. Other built in furniture includes a window seat in the bay window, and a bench in the breakfast nook. There is a geothermal solar cooling system buried below the frost line, extending horizontally more than 200 feet, that draws air into the main space with a 12 v fan connected to the solar system.

The sink is plumbed and the water line extends to within 75’ of access to city water. The line will need to be extended to the road and a water meter installed if city water will be used. The metal roof is suitable for catchment, and would need gutters and a cistern to utilize rainwater. The solar system could pump water up.

$34,000 – The Garden Cottage, a large cob building that includes an estimated acre and a half of land, is located on the right side of the driveway facing the property from Disputanta Road. This building includes a spacious first floor open concept living space, 20 x 9 on the interior, with the typical 15 to 18” thick walls of cob. The breakfast nook and bay window curve out in semi-circles away from the building. There is a second story above this main living space that is timber frame construction with cob infill. ​The 2nd story is 11 x 20 as it cantilevers over the 1st floor.

Back of Guest Cottage (Tiny House)

​Tree is about 4 1/2 feet wide

Cob House for sale with 1 1/2 +- acres, along a creek

$16,000 – The Guest Cottage, a small cob building that includes an estimated acre of land, is located on the left side of the driveway facing the property from Disputanta Road. The structure is 12’ x 7’ on the interior, with the typical 15 to 18 inch walls common with cob structures. 

This property also includes a 40’ x 14’ foundation by the road suitable for a cob building. There is an excavated road and building site for a third small cottage above the Guest Cottage. This piece also has a shed and root cellar.

Tiny House for sale with 1 +- acre

Attached to the right of the Main Structure. (Out the white door)

- 9’ x 5’ Mud Room with Toilet Room

- 9’ x 9’ Bath house with

    Bath tub/Hot tub, & Separate Shower

- 20’ x 8’ Outdoor covered Gallery

   with 8’ high arches